Our story


While still in college Eddie Bard wanted a way to fund his own racing and give back to the sport he loved so much. After brainstorms and discussions the simple yet effective idea was born: Take content_mxdheaderdonations of unwanted motocross related items and sell them on eBay or distribute them to riders in need. The program, effectively named MX Donations (or “MXD”) was born.
The program was well received and gained immediate respect and attention throughout the motocross industry. Since founded in 2004 we have seen changes but still hold true to our values. Our not profit company has raised thousands of dollars in pure monetary and resources for under privileged racers. These funds have directly went towards supporting the backbone of our MXDlogo copy1sport, the privateer!

While our main focus has been rider support we also have put attention on helping the fallen riders of our support. Events such as “Ride For a Cause” rose over $5,000 for two injured local racers.

Our program couldn’t survive without the help of our great sponsors. If your company would like to be a part of our program please contact us today!

Who we support

  • Professional Privateer Motocross/Supercross Racers
  • Amateur Motocross Racers
  • Riders suffering major injuries*

We like guys who hang out in vans!