EVS T7 Pulse Helmet


 Company – EVS Sports

Address: 110 N. Main St.
PO Box 296 Walworth WI 53184
Phone: 888-873-8423


Product – T7 Pulse Helmet

MSRP – $175

Colors – Black and Blue (tested), Hi-Viz Yellow and Black, Blue and Orange, Red and Yellow



EVS Sports has been a long time MXD supporter. Oddly enough we’ve never strapped on one of their helmets, until now! They recently sent us one of their lightweight 2014 Pulse models to try out. Right out of the box we were excited to see an updated look. The matte blue is unique and the graphics clean looking.

Our rider is picky about mouthpiece design and definitely preferred this one over previous year models. We were sent a medium which fit nice and snug with little to no slop when moving the head side to side or up and down. The removable liner is always a great option. We tried out several brands of goggles and they all fit in the eye port perfectly.

If you’re in the market for a new lid we would highly recommend checking one of these out!

Technical Features:

  • RAM Air Cooling System
  • Increased airflow & cooling
  • Internal EPS ventilation channels
  • Oversized intake & exhaust ports
  • Internal EPS ventilation channels
  • 4 intake & 6 exhaust ports for maximum airflow
  • Removable / washable moisture wicking comfort liner
  • SNELL 2010 / DOT approved, ECE approved (ECE helmets ONLY available from European EVS distributors – helmets ordered on this website will NOT be ECE approved)




Pro Wheel Hardcore Tires


Company – Pro-Wheel Racing Components

Address: 3729 Menzel Lake Rd.
Granite Falls, WA 98252
Phone: 360-691-6459

Product – Hardcore Tires


MSRP – $84.83 (Rear) $61.29 (Front)

Size – 120/80 x 19 (Rear)  80/100 x 21 (Front)

Bike Tested on – 2007 Yamaha YZ 450F



Did you know Pro Wheel Racing made tires? Yeah, us neither! We’ve used their rims, spokes and stands for many years but didn’t even know they made tires or tubes. That’s why when they offered to send us a set of their “Hardcore” series tires, we were super excited to try them out! We pulled out the trusty 2007 YZ 450F, one of our old project bikes that needed a little love and slapped them on before a day of fall Michigan riding.

They offer a medium and hard compound, we went with the medium. They installed just about as easy as any tire swap can go and while they only offer one tread design it was perfect for the sandy and loamy conditions we were riding that day.prowheel_2

We appreciated the look of the bright yellow logos. When you’re riding an outdated, 7 year old bike, you need all the help you can get at looking cool!

On the track the back hooked up just as you’d expect with a brand new rear tire but the front was significantly better when it came down to overall bike steering.

We’ve only put a handful of rides on the tires but they seem to be holding up quite nicely. If you’re in the market for a new set and don’t have $200 to spend, we would recommend trying these out.

As an extra incentive our friends at Pro Wheel are offering MX Donations fans and followers a 20% off discount by using coupon code “MXD20” at checkout!